Kentucky Straight
Wheated Bourbon

It all started in the Hollers of Paradise Kentucky, where Bourbon and Hard Work have gone hand in hand Since 1852. Today, COAL PICK DISTILLERY carries on this Time Honored Tradition with Coal Pick Bourbon. We use only the best Ingredients and the finest Kentucky Limestone filtered water to produce the smoothest Wheated Bourbon available today.

Only a few have the right to claim TRUE Kentucky Bourbon.

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Our Distillery

Coal Pick Distillery's 2nd Rick House is well underway, and we'll be able to store over 2,300 barrels on site. We have thousands of acres on our property with the capability in the future of storing hundreds of thousands of barrels in the state of Kentucky.

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Our Rick Houses

Kentucky has traditionally used wooden rick houses for storing its bourbon. Coal Pick has taken a more modern approach by creating a steel rack storage system that allows us to load and unload bourbon in a first in first out basis while eliminating a lot of the manual handling.

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Our Coal Pick Bourbon is available in select Kentucky liquor stores now.

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