Rick House

Kentucky has traditionally used wooden rick houses for storing it’s bourbon. Coal Pick has taken a more modern approach by creating a steel rack storage system that allows us to load and unload bourbon on a first in first out basis while eliminating a lot of the manual handling. Not that the heritage of wooden rick houses isn’t special for sure, we simply sought out other ways to store bourbon while reducing our upfront construction and barrel handling costs.

Coal Pick worked very closely with the state of Kentucky to get approval on the first Steel Rack house in the commonwealth and we are very proud of this accomplishment. We use forklifts for moving the bourbon barrels into their new home where they will sit for no less than two years during their aging process. Many of them will be there for 4-8 years. A few special barrels hidden away by the owners won’t see much light for 12 years!

We’re also excited to announce that we’ve begun building another rick house on our Coal Pick property!

Our Coal Pick Bourbon is available in select Kentucky liquor stores now.

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